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Trending Haldi Outfits For Bridesmaids This Wedding Season

17 Nov 2023
Haldi Outfits

In the kaleidoscope of Indian weddings, the Haldi ceremony radiates a unique warmth and vibrancy. As an essential part of the festivities, bridesmaids play a crucial role, not just in supporting the bride but also in adding a touch of grace and style to the celebrations. This blog is a curated guide to the trending Haldi outfits for bridesmaids, offering a spectrum of choices to make them stand out in the upcoming wedding season.

Mustard Magic: Haldi Outfit Trends

1. Mustard Printed Straight Suit Set

Embrace the richness of mustard with a printed straight suit set. The straight silhouette offers both elegance and comfort, making it a perfect choice for the spirited Haldi festivities. The prints add a playful touch to the ensemble.

2. Yellow Printed Kaftan Dress

Step into the world of comfort and style with a yellow printed kaftan dress. Kaftans are not only trendy but also allow for easy movement, which is essential during the lively Haldi rituals. The bright yellow hue complements the festive atmosphere.

3. Yellow Chanderi Silk Embroidered Kurta Sets

Dive into tradition with a Chanderi silk kurta set. The intricate embroidery adds a touch of sophistication to the vibrant yellow, creating a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary styles for the Haldi ceremony.

4. Mustard Printed Muslin Cotton Kurta Set

Opt for a mustard printed muslin cotton kurta set for a fusion of comfort and style. The breathable fabric ensures ease of movement, while the prints bring a playful and youthful vibe, ideal for the celebratory occasion.

5. Yellow Bell Sleeves Printed Kurta

Explore the charm of bell sleeves with a yellow printed kurta. Bell sleeves add a trendy and bohemian touch to the outfit, making it a standout choice for bridesmaids who want to make a fashion statement at the Haldi ceremony.


The Haldi ceremony is a canvas for expressing joy, love, and style. Bridesmaids, with their vibrant energy, can elevate the festivities with the perfect choice of outfits. From the traditional Chanderi silk to the contemporary kaftan dresses, the options are as diverse as the personalities of the bridesmaids themselves. Let this wedding season be a celebration of color, tradition, and impeccable style.

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